season 20 - episode 1
jeudi 15 février 2024
In this first episode of the 20th season, stylist Fietje assists Eva, Dennis and their two adolescents in Monnickendam. They are struggling to furnish their home because their styles are very different. They hope Fietje can help them create a warm interior that suits them both.
Decorating the world with opulence
vendredi 9 février 2024
Avec Gilded, l'art déco rencontre le chic d'un hôtel contemporain. Plongez dans la beauté des matériaux luxueux, de l'artisanat exquis et un monde d'opulence est au bout de vos doigts.
Decorating the world with esteem
lundi 4 décembre 2023
Comme un écho du passé Revive rend hommage au style iconique du ‘Mid Century’. Des classiques raffinés qui ne vieillissent jamais traduits dans de beaux revêtements muraux contemporains en couleurs actuelles.
season 19 - episode 11
lundi 20 novembre 2023
Vivian and Sjoerd live together with their daughter in Leusden, The Netherlands. For the family, cosiness and a burgundian lifestyle are essential. Because of their hotel-school background they love to travel and in this they find each other completely, but in terms of interior taste there is almost no greater contrast possible. He likes sleek and black and white, she likes rustic and antique. Who else but Marianne knows how to deal with this!
season 19 - episode 8
dimanche 5 novembre 2023
The interior of Roy and Caren consists mainly of compromises. And there is no other choice, as Roy would prefer a mancave with a hotel-chic touch, whereas Karin loves classic floral wallpaper. Stylist Frans works with our wallpaper in both the dining and the living room and succeeds in creating something beautiful again!
season 19 - episode 7
lundi 23 octobre 2023
When Tula moved in with Samantha, she got the interior decorated by Samantha and her ex for free. She really misses the hotel chic taste she loves so much. Samantha also would like to say goodbye to the old interior, she now wishes for romantic and pink... Stylist Eva visits the couple in Houten and comes up with the solution!
season 19 - episode 5
lundi 9 octobre 2023
Liza and Klaas-Willem live with their two daughters in a fishing village in the Netherlands. Klaas-Willem bought the house from his grandparents and after a two-year renovation, the couple married and moved in. Liza likes a quiet interior with neutral tone-on-tone colours. But Klaas-Willem finds that too common. He is looking for statements, beautiful wallpaper and robustness. Wondering how to bring these styles together? Leave that to stylist Liza!
season 19 - episode 4
dimanche 8 octobre 2023
Peter and Judith live with their three sons in Peter's mother's house. They have renovated intensively, but have not yet managed to make it their own place. To them, it still feels a bit like the parental home. They would like to keep the characteristic dark wooden floor, but find it difficult to combine it with their interior tastes. Judith likes fresh and light, while Peter tends more towards sturdy and dark. Stylist Fietje creates a place that suits them both.
season 19 - episode 3
dimanche 1 octobre 2023
Jaap and Wendy met in Maastricht, The Netherlands, at the school for hotel management. The hotel-lovers are both fond of the, how could it be otherwise, hotel chic style. But Wendy prefers light colours and Jaap darker ones. In this episode, stylist Frans rises on the challenge of making the perfect choices for the couple!
Decorating the world with Beautiful Bounty
jeudi 21 septembre 2023
Avec Cozumel vous transformerez votre intérieur en un paradis de détente.
Decorating the world with optimism
mercredi 20 septembre 2023
Osez, faites et profitez. Sortez cette robe colorée ou cette chemise joyeuse avec un imprimé de votre armoire. Avec le papier peint de Festival, vous faites également briller vos murs qui vous donneront une dose d'optimisme.
Season 19 - episode 1
dimanche 17 septembre 2023
Sanne likes a clean and tidy interior, but Gerlinda prefers to imagine herself in an English cottage full of plants and flowers. How will stylist Marianne bring these styles together in an interior with cohesion and warmth...