season 17 - episode 2
dimanche 25 septembre 2022
After twenty years in a terraced house, Meindert and Sandra were looking for a larger family home. And they found it: a detached farmhouse from 1901 on an island with a great garden. The basics - the floor, wooden beams and characteristic staircase - fit well with the atmosphere of the old farmhouse, but the interior? They can't work that out together. Stylist Fietje comes to the rescue and brings cohesion and tranquility to the large living space.
season 17 - episode 1
dimanche 18 septembre 2022
After an emotional time, Bart and Iris are eager to make a fresh start in their corner house in Nootdorp. But something is holding them back; their complete different interior tastes. She loves light and modern sleek, while he likes dark and industrial. Besides, the awkward layout doesn't make things any easier. Stylist Frans creates a nice place for the couple with some clever tricks and our wallpaper!
Ce que vous voyez de loin semble si différent de près...
jeudi 16 juin 2022
Canvas est une collection intemporelle avec des couleurs riches, des tonalités et de belles structures.
season 16 - episode 8
dimanche 10 avril 2022
Roos and Michiel live with their three children in a special house by the water. The interior has been on the back burner for five years. They are drowning in the size and height of the house and they can't seem to make the house attractive. They think too small and they do not dare to make grand gestures. No worries, Eva dares to make that gesture for them with our wallpaper!
season 16 - episode 7
dimanche 3 avril 2022
Bas and Eddie live happily in their split-level home for over seventeen years. But their opinions about the interior differ. Eddie wants a sereen home, but Bas likes neon colours and statements. They do agree on one thing: the cohesion in their current interior is missing and that has to change. That sounds like the perfect job for Marianne, who is not afraid for the use of striking wallpaper!
Donnez un twist à votre intérieur
mardi 22 mars 2022
Twist est une collection avec une touche de folie, dans laquelle des formes abstraites prennent vie.
season 16 - episode 5
dimanche 20 mars 2022
Gijs and Arianne live in a characteristic house with their son and daughter. The family has had a tough year and renovation plans have been pushed further and further. In addition, their living tastes are miles apart. They want to create a new beginning, but that requires choices to be made. Leave that to Fietje!! The result is a far from average interior, in which you cannot ignore our wallpaper...
season 16 - episode 3
dimanche 6 mars 2022
After the renovation of their home, Serena became pregnant and Soheil and Serena were no longer able to work on the interior. But now that their child is one and a half, they can't wait to tackle the interior. They just don't know how, because of the square space and their different tastes. Eva creates a new interior for them and gives our Posy wallpaper a prominent place in it.
Season 16 - episode 2
dimanche 27 février 2022
In this second episode, Frans has the challenging task of rearranging the architect-designed detached house of Ryani and Daniël. And this is not easy, given the difficult space with al lot of corners... In one of these corners Frans applied Oasis wallpaper. Looking for the article number? Then read on.
season 16 - episode 1
dimanche 20 février 2022
Frank and Karin enjoy living in Huizen with their three teenagers. They love the place, but they could use some help decorating their spacious 1940s home. Stylist Fietje creates distinct living areas for them and also uses our wallpaper.
Mettez votre maison en fleurs!
jeudi 3 février 2022
Posy est une touche de nostalgie dans une veste contemporaine. Très reconnaissable, et pourtant totalement de son temps.
Episode - wednesday 15 December
mercredi 15 décembre 2021
He wants an interior with light colours and lots of plants, she likes gold and palm trees. Remco and Pauline can't work it out together... Well, Eva knows how to deal with this! And one thing is sure, Pauline will get her palm trees!