Aflevering 4 - Seizoen 9
Hoe breng je een strandlook aan in je interieur? Met onze collectie Natural Wallcoverings natuurlijk! Stylist Fietje wist door o.a. de keuze voor ons behang een heerlijk sfeertje te creƫeren in de eetkamer van Maaike en Sander.

Down to earth


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Try something different

Have you ever thought of giving that room divider a makeover? Or to make one yourself? With the help of wallpaper you can easily create a new eye-catcher in your home!

Horizontal or vertical

Of course you can choose to hang a wall with one kind of stripe, but have you ever thought of combining two stripes?

About us

Anna Eijffinger

In 1875 Anna Eijffinger and her husband Theo opened a wallpaper store across the street from the Royal Palace Noordeinde in The Hague. It was a time with an increasing interest in interior decorating, especially amongst wealthy people. Anna possessed a strong business instinct and worked behind the scenes directing the firm. At the time, it was extremely unusual to find a woman conducting a business. This sign of women’s liberation formed the basis of the eccentric and innovating vision that characterised the brand Eijffinger from the very start.

Anna Eijffinger