POSY 316001

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POSY 316001


Say it with flowers. Posy, a Victorian name for a small bouquet that conveys a special message, is now the title of this lavish collection.

With Posy, the walls are always in bloom. Step back in time with an opulent multicoloured adornment of screen-printed flowers. Scattered star-shaped flowers dance on the wall like points of light, or opt for an elegant all-over botanical print. Bold abstract florals, foliage and strawberries meander symmetrically across the wallpaper. And, for those who prefer a more subdued effect, there is a block print with a tonal jacquard pattern. Choose from strong dark shades, soft faded or more spicy pastels.

The matching murals offer even more floral splendour: a folkloric pattern in light pastel and deep dark green or a motif of pencil sketched flowers in cream and sage. Or go for refined embroidery on small blooms in indigo and dark brown!

Combine vintage with modern. Posy is a touch of nostalgia with a new twist. Classic, yet utterly contemporary.

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