Step into the enchanting world of NORDIC LOVE, where simplicity and warmth meet. Trend NORDIC LOVE nods to the lifestyle of the far north and brings harmony to your interior. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of this trend an discover how minimalism meets natural beauty! 

What does the trend NORDIC LOVE mean? 

The trend NORDIC LOVE consits of several interior styles and sub-trends, each of which brings purity and rural simlicity to your home in its own way.

The style is inspired by rural living with a Scandi touch. Wheras a rural interior stands for rustic and cosy, Scandi is characterised by restraint and calm. The soft colour palette of a Scandi interior goes very well with the natural elements you find in a country interior. 

NORDIC LOVE welcomes you to a home where you will feel at ease. A nice place to invite your friends and dine endlessly. 

How do I apply the trend NORDIC LOVE in my interiors?

Does everything you have read so far excite you? Then a basic interior with natural materials and Scandinavian design suits you perfectly! Think modern furniture and decorative accents inspired by nature. These will give the room a sense of serenity and warmth. 

Materials such as wood, natural stoe and textiles bring the rustic elements inside. Natural materials such as jute, rattan and wicker also contribute to a sense of connection with the surrounding environment. 

There is also room for minimalist graphic prints in this trend. These can be on the wall, but also, for example, on cushions and rugs. Combinig different prints creates a unique and lively look in the room. By combining them, you give the room a cool and lively look. 


What colours and materials go with NORDIC LOVE?

To implement the NORDIC LOVE theme in your interior, it is important to use the right colours and materials. Colour palettes in this trend mostly include earth and pastel tones. 

So which colours are really appropriate for this theme? We would love to help you with that! The NORDIC LOVE theme is divided into four sub-trends, each with its own matching colours and materials. 

Take, for example, the subtrend Pretty in Stone Pink. This is characterised by the shade of pink and adds subtle warmth and femininity to your space. Sunny Afternoon takes inspiration from the sun's rays on a summer's day. In doing so, it brings light and cheerful energy to your space. 

Looking for serentiy and calmness? Then take a look at Cool Breeze. This sub-trend lets a fresh sea breeze blow through your interior. Want to bring the outdoors inside? Then Nature's Gift is the trend that suits you perfectly! 


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