In an increasingly busy and complex world, there is a growing desire for peace, calm and simplicity. The trend INNER PEACE helps you realise this. This stylish and contemporary trend embraces the beauty of nature and combines it with the serenity of minimalism to create an oasis of calm and balance.

What does the trend INNER PEACE entail?

The trend INNER PEACE consists of different interior styles and sub trends, each of which exudes tranquillity in its own way and contributes to forming a zen feeling in the home.

For instance, this trend includes the interior styles Japandi and Wabi-Sabi. Whereas Japandi shows a combination of light colours and natural textures, Wabi-Sabi creates a more rustic and organic atmosphere. Wabi-Sabi embraces the Japanese design philosophy, while Japandi is a beautiful confluence of Japanese and Scandinavian elements.

INNER PEACE invites you to enjoy the beauty and harmony of nature. Keep it simple and leave out what you don't need in your interior. Thus, escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and surrender to a calming and inspiring environment.

How do I apply the INNER PEACE trend to my interior?

Does everythig you have read so far appeal to you? Then you are looking for a minimalist interior with organic shapes where everything is about balance and unity. The clean lines of minimalist design are softened by the warmth and softness of organic shapes. 

Think furniture with rounded corners and organically shaped decorative pieces that give the room a sense of well-being and comfort. 

Materials such as wood, marble and fabrics of natural composition bring the elements inside and create a sense of connection with the world around us. 

Lighting also plays a crucial role in this trend. Soft lighting accentuates organic shapes and creates a soothing atmosphere. Think pendant lights with organically shaped lampshades or floor lamps with elegant, curved stands. 

What colours and materials suit INNER PEACE?

Using complementary colours and materials in your interior also creates INNER PEACE. Colour palettes in this trend include natural tones such as soft earth tones and warm greys. Under the INNER PEACE trend, we have come up with 4 matching colour themes. 

Are you looking for light colours in your home? Then colour theme Minimal Living is for you. This sub-trend is characterised by colours like cream and beige combined with natural textures. Colour theme Sculpted Clay is distinguished by its wide variation in shades of grey, from cool grey-blue to warm taupe. To make this sub-trend come into its own, combine with the green of a beautiful houseplant. 

Do you like to create tranquillity in your interior, but prefer more pronounced colours? Then check out colour themes Warm Embrace and Indigo Mood. Warm Embrace, with its orange and terra shades, ensures you are surrounded by Mediterranean warmth. The dark blue shades from Indigo Mood make your interior a place of retreat and create a perfect, calm basis for further interior design. 


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