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A minimalistic and quiet ambiance

Warm minimalism

A place of your own, a “home”, is more important then ever! We share our working places, our cars and all kinds of beautiful things on social media. “Home” should be a place that is exactly what you want it to be. Is this a quiet, minimalistic interior? Read on, and get some inspiration.

No showroom

You don’t need to remove all prints and colors from your interior to create a quiet environment. White is nice but remember that your home does not have to be a neutral and boring showroom. A minimalistic and quiet ambiance goes hand in hand with warm colors.

Look at your own interior. The most beautiful thing is when you spot a specific part or item in a room when you enter it. An eyecatcher! Without eyecatchers it is difficult to indicate the identity of a space. And exactly that creates restlessness.


Choose for example for an expressive design behind the couch. By choosing a design that has the colour of your couch in it, you create harmony. Furthermore, the view around the television remains quiet but it remains at the center of the attention when you enter the room. Or use wallpaper to interrupt a long wall. This way you can create places with different functions, for example eating and lounging. It immediately attracts the attention when you enter. This way it is possible to create a quiet and warm atmosphere without the need of putting all kinds of things in the room.

Curious which design fits in a “warm minimalism” interior? We already made a selection to help you on your way.

Check our selection!

We cannot wait to see how you will apply this at home. Share a picture of your new 2020 interior on Instagram with @eijffinger and #eijffinger !