season 11 - episode 12 - bedroom
08 December 2019
In addition to the metamorphosis of the living room, Tom and Lieke also got a new bedroom! Fietje chose serene wallpaper from our Terra collection for a peaceful atmosphere.
season 11 - episode 12
08 December 2019
Lieke likes dark colours and Tom light and modern. The task for stylist Fietje is to combine their opposite tastes into a beautiful whole. With wallpaper from collection Bold, among others!
season 11 - episode 11
01 December 2019
Whatever they try, Kemira and Duncan do not get their house attractively decorated. Stylist Eva maneges to create a warm interior with curtains from our fabric collection Nicosia.
season 11 - episode 10
24 November 2019
The small, rectangular living room of Denyse and Ingmar requires a smart layout. Stylist Marianne creates, among other things, a nice dining area that stands out because of the Wallpower from our Bold collection.
season 11 - episode 9
17 November 2019
Stylist Frans turned the dream house of Najla and Kiril in The Hague into a kid proof house, without ruining the original style of the house. Our chalk wallpaper with a subtle stripe is a perfect fit!
season 11 - episode 7
03 November 2019
Stylist Eva van vtwonen created a cozy living room for Ruud and Ingrid with a custom-made Wallpower as eye-catcher from our Bold collection.
Coco Lapine Design
22 October 2019
Sarah from Coco Lapine Design wanted to restyle her bedroom and start working more with graphic prints. But unfortunately she has a rental apartment where she is not allowed to hang walls. So she decided to make a beautiful headboard behind her bed in two different styles.
season 11 - episode 5
20 October 2019
The Wallpower and the golden wallpaper from the Masterpiece collection are great eye-catchers in the living room.
seizoen 11 - aflevering 3
06 October 2019
Met het behang uit de collectie Terra creëerde Fietje een natuurlijke overgang van woon- en eetkamer naar de keuken. 
Express yourself and go for maximum effect.
23 September 2019
Mid-Century Modern meets the present in contemporary and enduring designs. Clean lines, energetic patterns, vibrant colours. Meet Bold. A sophisticated collection celebrating sculptural shapes and extravagant layers.
Rough versus polished. Earthy, weathered by time yet timeless.
25 July 2019
Red deserts, wild grass landscapes, craggy rocks. With an abundance of vibrant hues and textures, the world’s landscapes are a never-ending source of inspiration. Terra is a collection born of pure love for the earth.
aflevering 7 - seizoen 10
07 April 2019
Rust en gezelligheid èn behang uit Topaz voor bewoners Ron en Colline uit Den Haag. Weten voor welk artikelnummer ze koos? Lees dan snel verder!