Season 15 - episode 5

vtwonen 'Weer verliefd op je huis'

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The opposites Elise and Wilbert are true childhood sweethearts: they have been together for 23 years. When they were still students, they already agreed on one thing: their dream house. They wanted a detached house surrounded by nature, but still close to the big city. Their dream house is now a fact, only inside they don't get it to their liking. The two have very different interior tastes and their decor lacks coherence. What Elise likes, Wilbert doesn't like, and vice versa. She likes minimalistic, tidy, modern and black and white while he gets happy with colour and lots of stuff on display in one space.

That sounds like a challenge for Frans! He created a beautifully balanced interior for the two with our beautiful mural 'Sculpted Clay' from Artifact as the eye-catcher.