There’s a party in the woods! Flags are fluttering against the blue cloudy sky, a colourful balloon swirls over the path. The sound of giggles is coming from behind the trees. Horses come trotting along; the curious fox sticks up his snout. A squirrel waits expectantly on his branch, deer and little bears frolic around elatedly. Will you come and play?

In the world of Tout Petit, the sun is always shining. It’s going to be a fun day, all the animal friends have come to join the party. Bring your toy cars along, or bring your baby doll. The table is already festively set. We will play hide and seek together, look for mushrooms and make garlands of striped paper.

Tout Petit is like the vivid imagination of a child, deeply wrapped up in his own fantasy world. A collection full of uninhibited enchantment, that brings a smile and happiness to people big and small.