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Are you looking for inspiration for your new wallpaper? You will certainly be able to find that with us. Eijffinger has been designing uniquely colourful and outstanding wallpaper since 1875. Our studio is known for its innovative designs that follow the latest trends. On top of that, we always provide high-quality products. We are an excellent place to look for inspiration for your wallpaper.


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Your home is usually a place for relaxation, inspiration and socialising and you want to translate this particular atmosphere into your interior design and wallpaper. By choosing a fitting wallpaper, you can make yourself and your guests feel at ease. But of course, everyone has a different taste. That is why our assortment is very diverse. From a more muted and modern looking circle wallpaper to very lively and lush RICE wallpaper: we have all the possibilities available for purchase. We can also extend our services to provide matching curtains to your specific interior style.


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Have you seen the perfect inspiration for your wallpaper in our online shop? Then you can easily order your new wallpaper in one of our shops. You can use the wallpaper calculator to determine exactly how many rolls you need to order.