Matt wallpaper

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Using matt wallpaper, is truly an outstanding way to bring a chic atmosphere into your living spaces. At Eijffinger, you can count on high-quality wallpaper, as we have been designing innovative and creative decorations since 1875. The variety of styles, colours and patterns that we offer, provides you with the ultimate opportunity to pick the perfect wallpaper. Consequently, a beautiful matt wallpaper is merely one of the many available choices.


Magnificent matt wallpaper for any room in your home

You can truly transform your living spaces by using matt wallpaper. The choice is up to you, if you want to have a diverse palette of colours or rather a muted look. Whether you are decorating your living room or bedroom, this type of wallpaper is suited to a variety of rooms and styles. If you would rather choose a different vibe, you could also explore the unique qualities of glossy wallpaper. Every style or ambience can be found in our large selection. Browse our collection for some wallpaper inspiration.


Buy the wallpaper you need in one of our shops

Would you like to buy matt wallpaper that is available in our online store? Then feel free to place your order. We have a wallpaper calculator, which is a tool that determines how many rolls you need to order for your particular decorative job. We also have curtains available that can perfectly match your wallpaper and interior style.