Industrial wallpaper

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Industrial wallpaper is an excellent wallcovering to give a stylish and modern look to your interior. If you want to count on high-quality materials, you should definitely browse the options we have at Eijffinger. Our brand is known for delivering various styles and types of wallpaper since 1875. In our own studio, we follow the latest trends and continue to design innovative decorations by using outstanding colours and patterns.


Discover the qualities of industrial wallpaper as wallcovering

Industrial wallpaper brings a relaxed and laid down atmosphere into a room. Therefore, industrial wallpaper could be perfectly used as a wallcovering for a lounge, living room or bedroom. To provide you with multiple options to match your furniture and interior decoration, we have a large variety of colour palettes available for purchase. Apart from that, you can also opt for romantic wallpaper, circle wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper. However, we offer a wide range of beautiful and high-quality wallpapers for you to choose from.


Discover our various options

Would you like to order industrial wallpaper as wallcovering for your living room, bedroom, office or other room? Then you can easily place your order in our shops. Use our wallpaper calculator to determine exactly how many rolls you require. If you would like matching curtains to combine with your wallpaper, you should explore our page detailing the fabrics that we work with. Should you have any questions before ordering your new wallpaper, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form. We are eager to help you out.