Classic wallpaper

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With beautiful and classic wallpaper, you provide the perfect wallcovering for your interior. At Eijffinger, we have been designing unique, colourful and outstanding wallpaper since 1875. In our own studio, we create remarkable designs with which you can realise an extraordinary effect in your home. The high-quality options of our own signature brand are well-established as great materials. Browse our wide collection and discover all the classic wallpapers and wallcovering that we offer.


Various types of classic wallpaper and wallcovering

We have a large variety of classic wallpaper and wallcovering available for every room in your home. You might enjoy the distinct features of rustic wallpaper in your living room or bedroom. Or are you looking for a rich and colourful PiP Studio wallpaper to adorn your walls instead? These are just a few of the numerous possibilities that we have to offer you. Our high-quality wallpaper will surely provide the perfect finishing touch to your living spaces.


Visit one of our shops

If you are interested in classic wallpaper that is designed in our studio, you can place an order. Alternatively, you can look for shops near you that offer our materials. Use our wallpaper calculator to order the precise amount of wallpaper you need. To finish your interior nicely, you can also purchase matching curtains. Should you have any questions before placing an order, do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.