The cutest wallpaper for kids' rooms!


Monday, October 24, 2022

Step by step, you discover the world. An abundance of shapes, textures, colours and scents. Breathlessly you listen to stories about wild animals and the oceans of the world. Stars shimmer in the heavens. Far away and yet so close.

The Explore collection brings all these discoveries into your home. Sail off on an adventure in a hand-drawn boat. A shoal of curious fishes glides beneath the waves. Snippets of paper in all sorts of shapes, swirl across the walls. Imagine you’re in the jungle, surrounded by exotic plants and animals, or admire a giraffe print, cute enough to stroke. Dance in the magical moonlight as pretty stars look down. Close your eyes and smell the fragrance of a field of wildflowers. Or choose a bold, timeless stripe. Let your imagination run wild with the wallpowers. Who do you think lives behind all those brightly coloured doors and windows? And what do you see in all those cut-out shapes? At night, snorkel through the enchanting underwater world of coral. Or stick your own astrological sign on the wall above your bed!

Explore is a collection of gentle, appealing colours, from subtle beige, soft blues, lovely lilac and dreamy pink to courageous cobalt, cheerful coral, earthy terra and forest green. From the comfort of your own room, Explore takes you on a joyful journey of discovery full of incredible adventures.