The sun breaks through, the window is ajar. Fresh air mingles with the fragrance of the beautiful field bouquet on the marble mantelpiece. The scent fills your head with lovely memories of the holiday you have spent here once before.

The castle garden is exactly the same as it was imprinted in your memory. With the ornate gates and, barely visible lush flowers at the edge of the rippling stream. In the distance, the sounds of the deer resound in the forest. You stand still for a second, this place is like a sweet-voiced dream. 

Chambord is a collection full of sweet desire, with a wealth of techniques and patterns. Nostalgic flowers, delicate ornaments, softly shining damask, a delicate stripe. From subtle shades of pearl, jade and champagne to fresh soft yellow, lilac, linen and creamy chocolate. Chambord fills your home and your heart with beautiful moments and timeless.