A luxurious oasis amidst the busy city noise. The stone steps are covered with a red carpet, the doorman smiling in recognition of those who enter. Inside, a sea of space unfolds, bathed in a stunning waterfall of splashing light. Everything is stylized down to perfection, yet exuding a comforting warmth.

Savor gives classical motifs a contemporary feel, combines comfortable sophistication with an edgy color contrast. Grand designs shine on suede, a monumental line is tangible with a soft sheen. Ingeniously interwoven patterns on lightly weathered backgrounds, lush flowers delightfully in bloom, elegant designs full of refined details.

Delicate shades such as gray-white, sand, linen and taupe combine beautifully with powerful jade, citrus and carmine. Black sparkles against dramatic cobalt blue. A collection full of timeless finesse, exciting accents create a contemporary effect. With grand refinement the unexpected blends into a harmonious whole.

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